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Jøran Rudi’s first academic training was in social sciences, and followed by a few years as a rock musician during 1979-83. This music brought him in contact with electronic instruments and electroacoustic music, and he traveled to the United States and studied computer music at New York University. In 1990, he returned to Norway, and was brought in to be the founding director of NOTAM in 1993. From 1993 – 2010 he was responsible for the academic and artistic profiles of the institution, its research and development, mediation, education, administration and economy. Jøran Rudi stepped back to a researcher position at NOTAM in 2010.

Much as a result of his work as director, Rudi’s research interests span wide, from educational issues arising from the use of music technology, via artistic genres such as music, music animation, soundscape and sound art, to more conventional musicological work with a historical orientation. Rudi’s most significant personal artistic works are the computer music animations made in the mid- to late 1990s.

Rudi has contributed his time as on boards of organizations such as Ny Musikk, NICEM, Norwegian Society for Composers, TONO, PNEK, the Ultima festival and ICMA, and serves every year as reviewer of articles and music for conferences and festivals. Rudi has been an editor of Organised Sound since 2002, and has organized symposia in Norway and abroad, for example Electronic art in Public Space (2002) Soundscape in the Arts (2011), Electronics meet the Challenges of the 21st Century, at the Warsaw Autumn in (2010), and Cultural heritage and dialogue – Lutoslawski and Nordheim (2015). Of international research projects, Integra 1 and Integra 2, and Composing with sounds can be mentioned.


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