Ludger Brümmer

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Born and raised in Werne, Germany. Masters in psychology/sociology at University Dortmund. Composition studies with Nicolaus A. Huber and Dirk Reith at the Folkwang Hochschule Essen. Collaboration with choreographer Susanne Linke and the Nederlands Dans Theater for "Ruhrort" with his work “Riti Contour” for orchestra. International Performances at GRM, Paris at ICMC's in San Jose , Tokyo, Banff, Thessaloniki. Visiting Scholar at CCRMA Stanford University, teaching Assistant at the Folkwang Hochschule, TU Berlin, School of Design Karlsruhe, research fellow at Kingston University, lecturer for composition at the Sonic ArtsResearch Centre Belfast. Since 2003 head of the Institute for Music and Acoustics at ZKM|Karlsruhe and guest professor at School of Design. Member of the „Academy of the arts“ Berlin. 

 2010 Amazonas, Opera Biennale Munich / Sao Paulo, 2012 "The origin of Noise, the noise of the origin", Donaufestival Krems.

Focus in physical modelling of sound, Video, granular synthesis, sound synthesis techniques, spatial music, databases.

Awards: Folkwang Award Essen, WDR Award Cologne. Busoni Award Akademie der Künste Berlin, Golden Nica Ars Electronica 1994 and second prize at the Ars Electronica 1997, Larry Austin Award, ICMA, Pierre d'Or Bourges 1997 and 2001, first prize at Rostrum for electroacoustic music by the UNESCO. Musica Sacrae 2001, Fribourg Switzerland. Menzioni D'Onore at the Luigi Russolo Award, Italy and the Stockholm Electronic Music Award. 


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Brümmer, Ludger et al: "Introducing the Zirkonium MK2 System for Spatial Composition“, Proceedings ICMC 2014

Brümmer, Ludger "Potenziale physikalischer Modelle", 1/2016 Neuen Zeitschrift für Musik, Schott Mainz

Brümmer, Ludger „Composition and perception in spatial audio“ - will be published 2016.