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Markus Noisternig is Researcher at IRCAM, CNRS, Sorbonne Universities–UPMC in Paris, Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Electronic Music in Graz, and also lectures at the Karlsruhe College of Arts and Design. As an undergraduate and postgraduate he studied Electrical Engineering and Audio Engineering as well as Computer Music Composition at the University of Technology and the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz. As an artist, Markus Noisternig has participated in numerous collaborative projects with well-known composers and ensembles of New Music, which have performed in key European and international festivals.


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Co-chair of the International Symposium on Aesthetics of Spatial Audio in Sound, Music, and Sound-Art, 2015, and the International Symposium on Ambisonics and Spherical Acoustics, 2010.