Prof Michael Clarke

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University of Huddersfield, UK


Professor Michael Clarke is Dean of the Graduate School at Huddersfield. He read Music at Durham University where he remained for his PhD. He also holds a teaching qualification (MTC) from the Institute of Education, London University. He has worked at Huddersfield since 1987 and prior to taking up his current role had been Director of Research for the School of Music, Humanities and Media since 2006.  

Michael’s research includes composition, software development for music and music analysis. Both his compositions and software have won national and international prizes, including winning European Academic Software Awards on a record three occasions. He has made extended visits to major studios abroad including eight months at EMS, Stockholm, five months at IRCAM, Paris, one month at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver as well as to SARC, Belfast. From 2000-4 he was Music Coordinator of International Computer Music Association and in 2011 hosted the ICMC in Huddersfield. He has recently been Principal Investigator on the AHRC-funded project ‘Technology and Creativity in Electroacoustic Music’ (TaCEM) working together with Prof Peter Manning (Durham) and Dr Frédéric Dufeu (Huddersfield). This project (2012-5) builds on Michael’s earlier innovative work using software to develop an interactive aural approach to music analysis. In 2011 he was awarded a National Teaching Fellowship.

Michael was an assessor on Panel 35 in REF 2014 having previously been a specialist advisor for the 2008 RAE. He has just completed terms of office as a member of the AHRC Peer Review College and as an AHRC Strategic Reviewer. He has also acted as a reviewer for the EPSRC, the Arts Council and for funding councils in Austria, Finland and Germany. 


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Clarke, M., Dufeu, F. and Manning, P. (2015) ‘The Interrelation of Technology and Creativity in the Analysis of Electroacoustic Music: A comparative study of Barry Truax’s Riverrun and Trevor Wishart’s ImagoMusurgia , XXII (1), pp. 27-44. ISSN 2271-1856

Clarke, M (2013) Tim(br)e 2 [16-channel fixed media 3D Composition]

Clarke, M (2013) Enmeshed 3 [24-channel 3D Composition for cello and live electronics]

Bayley, A. and Clarke, M.(2011) Evolution and Collaboration: the composition, rehearsal and performance of Finnissy’s Second String Quartet. Palatine .

Clarke, M (2010) ‘Wind Chimes: An Interactive Aural Analysis’. In: Denis Smalley: Polychrome Portraits. Paris: GRM de l'INA (Radio France). pp. 35-57. ISBN 9782869382114

Clarke, M. and Manning, P. (2009) ‘Valuing Our Heritage: Exploring Spatialisation through Software Emulation of Stockhausen's Oktophonie International Computer Music Conference Proceedings , 2009, p. 179. ISSN 2223-3881

Clarke, M. and Manning, P. (2008) ‘The influence of technology on the composition of Stockhausen's Octophonie, with particular reference to the issues of spatialisation in a three-dimensional listening environmentOrganised Sound , 13 (3), pp. 177-187. ISSN 13557718

Clarke, M (2006) ‘Enmeshed: live in 3D fog~’, in the Proceedings of the International Computer Music Conference, New Orleans, 2006,pp.13–16; ISBN: 0-9713192-4-3. of studio recording of Enmeshed I. Download.

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